Current Market Trends


There is a shortage of homes on the market in Orange County and surrounding cities. 


For example if we take Huntington Beach, there is a significant shortage of homes which is helping keep values slightly arise and with low interest rates. It is the perfect storm for a seller today, or what is considered a "sellers" market. 


In 2015, for several months, less homes available than what is normal means a shortage of homes. There are almost as many homes in escrow as there are active listings.  If homes are priced right, and you have the right realtor, your home is going to sell.


The economists do believe however that we will see more properties coming on the market as we approach summer which will balance out the supply and demand, and on top of that, interest rates will start to increase (this is what the forecasters are predicting.)


With this shift of more inventory and higher interest rates, the prices of homes may begin to drop the 2nd half of this year. 


Here is a CNN article that has a similar view on this Real Estate Trends.


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